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The ambiance of a retail store, hotel, and museums makes a huge impact on the customers. Areas with beautiful interior décor scheme attract most of the customers. We are living in the age of cut-throat competition where every business has to introduce unique ideas to survive in the market.

Eco Elegant is not only the brand but a commitment to make India clean and green with healthy environment all around. And staying committed to our goal, we are striving to make Eco Elegant a name that should be everywhere spreading the good habits of planting tr

A Plant is man’s best friend and if you love the feel of nature around you then you will surely love to have indoor planters

A Few Days Back One Message was doing the rounds of the internet and it was-

“What's the point of your education if you still throw garbage on streets to be ultimately picked up by an uneducated person working?”

We hope you too will strongly ag

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” is one of the most famous proverb related to the clean surroundings. It not only motivates us to live in a clean place but also triggers our inner selves to take a positive action for the improvement of our living conditions.

And when we ta

Any place with the same looks for a long time, tend to get boring to the eyes of regular visitors and hence to keep it afresh and alive, one needs to do the makeover of the place after regular intervals.

If you too love to do the makeover of your place and like to give it the different

Designing and deciding the look for a luxury space is a thoughtful process that requires everything so classy. Depending upon the individual choice, one may like to keep it synchronized, and on the other hand, another person would prefer blending different styles into

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) or Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) is becoming one of the successful initiatives of Government after each short but single step. And who in this world does not love cleanlin

The demand for Healthy Lifestyle is increasing way more than it could be anticipated a few years ago. Present earth status demands more healthy choices for day to day living, and thus people are moving towards doing something better for the surroundings.

As we all know that Swac

Do you often desire for a fresh, inspiring look with some touch of nature’s essence at your place? If you too are fond of beautiful fresh flowers and the plants at your place, Eco-Elegant is made for you.

Tailor-made planters for the indoor as well as outdoor usage are available i